Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Holiday Poems from Enrichment class - Exemplar


How is a person
Supposed to celebrate
The holidays
When there is so much pain
In this world
How is a person
Supposed to be joyful
When you are so far away
From the life that you desire
How is a person
Supposed to believe
In the miracle birth
The red clothed fat-bellied guy
With the eight tiny reindeer
When children are starving
Millions are homeless
Racism is never ending
The world is a hostile place

I will tell you
The smile of a child
The first hot sip of a maple latte
The light of a million stars
on the early morning walk
The laugh you get from a great joke
Told in desperation
For a moment not to be lost
The gratitude of a friend
Whose jewelry you bought
The money you spent
That goes to a good cause
The time you know
Will be yours and ours
When they come home
To spend it with you
The holiday
Appreciate the moment
The holiday
Appreciate the time
The holiday
Appreciate the love, always

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Holst Rap: From the tune of "Changes"

Holst Rap
Ooh, cuz Gustav I don't understand it,
Why did that heart failu-u-ure
have to ruin your life forever
Cuz the way you played was amazing
OOo, xuz Gustav why'd you have to do this
Cheltenham, England 1874
Ooo, cuz Gustav...why...?
Did you have to write the Planets
Teaching Everyone, can't stand it, ooo
Neuritis your making it hard for me
Neuritis you're making it hard for me
Neuritis you're making it hard for me..

Thursday, November 29, 2018

My Version of a poem about Holst


He was a great musician
Steeped in Tradition
Supportive parents,
Helped his common sense
Neuritis electrified his hand
It was a good thing
he could join a band.
Trombone playing uphill and down
Oh Never to see him as a clown!
He was paid to play
So he could spend his day
Composing Masterpieces
Concentrating his energy
Using his shyness practically
Invited to teach
He gave his best self to push the reach
of his talented students.
All young women players
Performing with all their flairs
It fulfilled him in ways he never knew before
What he never figured was in store
His trip to Spain
Excited his brain
About a new subject
Learning to dissect
Erupted in a new work
Ideas left to lurk
Fame, Fortune, Recognition
Was his new identification
Still shy
He wished to be left to try
his hand at new pieces
And now we have no traces
Of his original spaces
Except we continue to perform
"The Planets" in its complete form 
And his fame will live on
long after we are 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Gustav Holst Raps, using Fifteen Facts about his life and work...

he got to post,
up that Sweet sweet music
he got the most,
of that sweet sweet music!
He had the trombone,
the organ,
and his sweet sweet voice,
and he didn’t even have a choice!
He had Neuritis that prevented
that sweet sweet piano playing!
But he’s still slaying!
He’s now a COMPOSER!!!!……….
But then he met a girl….
ISobel got that sweet sweet, smile
and now she got be happy while...
He got to post,
up that sweet sweet music!

Holst, he got the most,
of that sweet sweet music!.......................

Monday, November 26, 2018

Listening Assignment for The Planets

Listening Assignment for The Planets

Mars, Bringer of War_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Venus, Bringer of Peace_____________________________________________________________

Mercury, Winged Messenger_________________________________________________________

Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity_____________________________________________________________

Saturn, Bringer of Old Age___________________________________________________________

Uranus, The Magician_______________________________________________________________

Neptune, The Mystic________________________________________________________________

Draw a Picture of What you Hear, or What the music inspires you to draw, Choose one or more of the Sections to draw..use the back if you need to..

Monday, November 19, 2018

Cool Poem by one of my students about Venus from The Planets

Poem About the Venus music piece

Air goes in, Air goes out.
Life is hard, without a doubt.
Not a care in the world,
Just you, and the music.
Feel the steady beat of the blow of the trombones,
Feel the rhythm of the mallet banging against the drum
Feel yourself get pulled out of reality,
And in to the air.
Forget all of your worries,
All of your struggles
All of the darkness,
And come into the light.
Here you are free
Here you can be yourself
Dreams can be whatever you want,
Dreams can go however you want,
Here is you dreams.
Change and twist reality.
Here is wherever you want.
Here goes however you want.
Here is your dreams.
Never give up on your dreams.
Or else, they will become fears.

Friday, November 16, 2018 UNIT!!

I am creating and teaching a new unit this quarter with my sixth graders.  This is a unit that I have been meaning to work on for years, and it is just happening now.  The opera project has died a long and dramatic death, and it is time for something new.  However, creating this project is taking some time and energy and a lot of gumption.  The good news is that I can use it as one of my smart goals, and I can also work on it during our professional development days because we are working on The Backwards Design and creating units using this method. 

Stage 1 - Desired Results
Established Goals (standard(s)):  1.) - Explain that the visual/performing arts help people understand history and/or world cultures.
2.)  Create their own compositions, using their understanding of notation, dynamics, and symbols.

Enduring Understandings (big ideas):  1.)Students will remember how a composer’s life and experience affects his/her art, writing, and compositions.

2.)Students will remember how a composer connects astronomy, astrology with a piece of music.  

3.)Students will remember how to approach creating their own compositions.